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Teaching Yoga to Kids

You may be wondering--can I teach my kids Kundalini yoga? Can I involve them in my practice? Is yoga suitable for small children?

The answer is: absolutely! However, you'll need to adjust the practice so it's appropriate for various children's ages. Check-in with your teacher or studio to see if they offer kids' classes, and follow the basic suggestions below to get your child involved with the life-changing power of Kundalini Yoga.

NKYTAs Agreements

IKYTA recognizes one National Association per country, that holds a neutral space for all teachers and trainers to connect and support each other professionally and personally. Each certified KRI Level One Aquarian Teacher is encouraged to join your NKYTA. If your country doesn't have one, teachers can join or renew their membership as an International Member directly with IKYTA.

Seva and Devotion are more than Skin Deep

By Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa, Oregon, USA

If you practice yoga and live a healthy, happy, and holy lifestyle, you're pretty well covered. Yoga is without doubt the ultimate system for helping you stay balanced and joyful throughout your life. Sure, there are a lot of rules and guidelines, but it all comes down to four things to concentrate on.