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Seva and Devotion are more than Skin Deep

By Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa, Oregon, USA

If you practice yoga and live a healthy, happy, and holy lifestyle, you're pretty well covered. Yoga is without doubt the ultimate system for helping you stay balanced and joyful throughout your life. Sure, there are a lot of rules and guidelines, but it all comes down to four things to concentrate on.

Women and Food

Yogic teachings suggest that women should eat carefully and lightly in order to maintain their emotional and physical balance and well-being. In general, a woman should have two meals a day and two light drinks a day. The first drink begins at breakfast. The first meal can be about four hours later; it should be the largest meal of the day. "Eat to your delight" is the motto at this mid-day meal. But when you are full, stop!

Falling to Earth

By Deg Ajeet Kaur (Janet Howard)

I keep it moving. Get it done. Onto the next thing. In Kundalini Yoga and meditation, I'm learning the power of stillness. In stillness, the message finds us. The path is revealed. It doesn't feel natural to me. I want to search for, run to and push through for the answers, for the path, for the next thing in my journey. I'm impatient. But lately, it isn't working.