Understanding Breath of Fire

Kundalini Yoga teachers often get drilled on the relation between Breath of Fire and hyperventilation. In this video I explain why Breath of Fire is not hyperventilation, and it also the physiology of hyperventilation and what it really is.

Pranayama will induce sensations that may be new for students, but these experiences need not be feared. We are adventuring into realms of consciousness expanded beyond the everyday. And any fear sensations themselves can be observed and that awareness be utilized to transform this Vata energy into pure Prana.

IKYTA Teacher Conference June 2013

If you were not here in Espanola, New Mexico, for the for the Summer Solstice Celebration we definitely missed you.

We had a powerful Teachers Conference under the Tantric Shelter this year. Our main teachers were Guru Singh, Shakta Kaur, Guru Dev Kaur and Guruka Kaur. This

year’s focus was on Humility—one of The Eight Elements of Excellence.