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Power and Vulnerability in the Student-Teacher Relationship

by EPS (Office of Ethics and Professional Standards)

Humans are typically very willing to give away their power if they think a person can help them. This dynamic creates an imbalance of power within the relationship. This imbalance is magnified in a relationship with a yoga teacher, therapist, or spiritual leader because of the greater degree of trust involved and the accompanying desires to both please and to not displease the teacher or leader. A yoga teacher is not inherently more powerful than others.

Money & The Healthy Student Teacher Relationship

by EPS (Office of Ethics and Professional Standards)

Turning the teaching of yoga into a successful business venture can be a complex art to master in and of itself… and deciding one’s philosophical and ethical views about developing an entrepreneurial yoga platform can open up many challenging questions. Viewpoints around service, .e.g, what to give and what to keep for oneself, are all questions to contemplate in a society that may emphasize material wealth over altruistic aims.

The Pedagogy Pivot – Part 2

by EPS (Office of Ethics and Professional Standards)

What is a yoga standard?

As we continue to explore how pedagogy evolves in yoga traditions, we can keep in mind that apprenticeship or disciple traditions of India do not fit neatly into the “square pegs” or accreditation models of education in the Western world. There are many steps to take in order to become an E RYT-500 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance). Such standardization is a necessary part of yoga reform and growth.

What I Know About the Aquarian Sadhana

by Snatam Kaur

I grew up with the Aquarian Sadhana, an early morning practice that includes doing Japji, yoga and chanting. My parents would bring me down to the sadhana room all bundled up in blankets. My mother said when I was little I would always pop up out of my blankets and sing along with the chants when they started.

Later as a teenager and in my early twenties I really identified with the chants as I began to compose tunes for them on my guitar. And now as a mother these chants have brought great comfort and peace to our home.

The Kiss of the Divine: Guiding the Exhale

by GuruPrem Singh

Postural Expression

I have made a life-long study of interpreting human behavior by observing human structural and movement patterns. Our patterns of movement can become accurate indications of our personality and character. We express ourselves through the thirty-trillion cells circulating throughout our bodies. As the cells dance, performing their individual responsibilities, they act together and in total, and become a personality.