The global community of Kundalini Yoga teachers is more than 28,000 strong in over 52 countries and on every continent. Together, through the powerful tools of Kundalini Yoga and the 3HO Lifestyle, we serve and uplift people and communities worldwide.
Our vision is a diverse, joyful and collaborative global family, dedicated to creating an inclusive, compassionate, and unified world of elevated consciousness. We believe that all Kundalini Yoga Teachers have the potential and the excellence to be empowered leaders of the Aquarian Age, guided by the spirit of service
IKYTA’s mission is to uplift, nurture and serve Kundalini Yoga teachers through programs, resources, benefits and educational offerings that encourage self-development, support community building, highlight professionalism, and inspire positive social change through service.
Join IKYTA and together we can achieve things that we could not accomplish alone.

“The greatest thing a teacher can do is continue to live and share these Teachings. Towards that end IKYTA is dedicated to creating a framework that will support teachers in their growth and evolution, that will help teachers to serve each other, that will give voice to all teachers and that will serve the unity of all teachers as a manifestation of our ONEness.” - Yogi Bhajan