EPS Articles on the Importance of Ethics


About the Code of Ethics and Teacher Policies

IKYTA offered open meetings on June 25th and 29th, 2022 for all Kundalini Yoga teachers who wanted to understand and discuss the new version of the KRI Code of Ethics and Teacher Policies. It was an important moment for teachers to understand the main changes that this document includes and how it can guide our professional standards.

Meeting about the Code of Ethics Session 1

Meeting about the Code of Ethics Session 2


Ethics and Professional Development Program Recordings

Teacher Student Relationship

What is a healthy and professional teacher-student relationship? Japa Kaur (EPS) and Gurucharan Singh (KRI) brought different perspectives on how we can relate to this fundamental topic for our role as Kundalini Yoga teachers.

The Scope of Practice and the Purity of the Teachings

How are we relating to the teachings? How can we embrace them while respecting the legacy and the code of ethics? How does our own unique experience and culture inform the way we teach?