Teaching is the Ultimate Giving

Several years ago in Chicago’s Southside Englewood neighborhood, often portrayed in the press for its violence rather than the good people who live there, we began teaching Kundalini Yoga and training teachers from the community. We helped create I Grow, Chicago’s Peace House. I Grow offers an oasis of calm as a non-profit organization that combines yoga, urban gardening, and art to help encourage community members to become empowered and connected.

How Teacher Training Changed My Mind

Several years ago, I enrolled in Kundalini Yoga teacher training with the intention of “deepening my practice.” I had no plans to teach—ever! In fact, I had a long history of shying away from teaching, though I had studied education in college and at my late father’s urging had procured a teaching certificate for English 7-12. After graduation, however, I never used the certification, deciding instead to pursue a career as a writer.

The Aquarian Teacher: A Consciousness of Hope

By Pritpal Kaur

This past weekend was a typical weekend for me. I was traveling to teach in a Level 1 Aquarian Teacher program. What was unusual were the circumstances of my travel. I was flying from Albuquerque to Chicago where an usual Arctic storm was bringing temperatures of 50 degrees below zero Fahrenheit and wind and snow to the area. After many hours of delays, I arrived in Chicago 9 hours later than expected.

On the Path

Cosmin Mahadev Singh

I would come back home to Las Vegas and continue to teach with dedication using various locations.  Slowly but surely the community started to grow.  After a few years passed, the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and Kundalini Yoga spread throughout Las Vegas, and the need for our own “home” was apparent.  This is how the foundation for Raise Your Kundalini (RYK) was laid.

Multi-Generational Women’s Camp in Northern California, July 2014

In the 1970’s, when Yogi Bhajan established Women’s Training Camps, he encouraged women of all ages to come together to learn, laugh, share and discover what it meant to live in our power and excellence.  Many of us were mothers.  We brought our babies and our babies.  During his classes there were babies crying, young girls giggling and playing and all generations absorbing the wisdom of this great master.