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By Doug Wilson

In a time when we have more comforts, conveniences and opportunities available to us than at any other point in our recorded human history, why do we seem to have more chaos, illness and social problems than the generations before us?

With technology and an ability to openly communicate with each other, why are the challenges and statistics surrounding these issues continuing to rise?

The planets, moons and stars move with mechanical precision. Billions of biological organisms live and interact harmoniously with their physical environments, so why are human beings struggling to survive? Is this chaotic mess a product of choice? Is the modern world a manifestation of our increasingly busy minds? Is there a way to find calmness among the chaos?

I spent most of my life subconsciously seeking calmness. It was difficult to avoid being dragged into our increasingly disordered world. The ever present and growing noise of internet-fueled misinformation and social distractions made it hard to decipher reality.

I never gave myself time to process and test what best worked for me--to seek the truth. This was compounded by a linear framework of mind. If something in the world didn't match my way of thinking then it was out of order. I never considered that perhaps the wiser approach would be to seek a way to rise above the disorder.

Poor physical, mental and emotional health contributed to my limited and linear points of view. I lacked balance and never understood why I'd fluctuate between extreme highs and lows.

Simply, if things weren't going my way I would fall apart.

Taking up a regular practice of Kundalini Yoga has been integral to me remaining calm through these chaotic times. Day by day I've become less of a victim, and learned not to choose self-inflicted adversity over dedicating time to the discipline of a practice that is scientifically designed to release stored inner tension of the organs, nerves, and glands. Choosing the later has created an incredible biochemistry of calmness, balance and depth of self.

With so much chaos and turmoil in the world right now we can't deny that humanity faces immense challenge. We need to begin to better understand our personal responsibility of bringing calmness to this chaos by resolving conflict within ourselves. Seeking a meditative and stable state of mind will serve to empower humanity and carry us through these times. Sat Nam.

Kundalini Running founder Doug Wilson overcame a life threatening brain tumor in 2013 and used Yoga & Meditation to support his rehabilitation. In just over 12 months after suffering extensive cranial nerve damage, meningitis and leaving the hospital in a wheelchair, he became the first person to run 7 competitive marathons on the 7 continents in under 7 days. Doug now teaches these valuable techniques for maintaining health, well-being and coping with stress in the modern world. His scientific knowledge of yoga is backed up by practical, real world experiences that make his classes and workshops informative while opening the body, mind and spirit.

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