The SSSC has announced an Independent Healing and Reparations Program. For more information click here.

SEVA CORPS was envisioned at Khalsa Council and was born in April 2020 with the purpose of serving those who serve. That is why our motto is Serving Together.

Through digital platforms we seek to value, nurture and inspire those in service through the technology of Kundalini Yoga and the legacy of Sikh Dharma in an elevated environment of listening and sharing. We also want to produce content about the path of service, give relevance to ongoing SEVA PROJECTS, and inspire new projects. Above all, we want to offer spaces for dialogue and inclusion.

We are committed to sustaining our service through transparency, compassion, connection, diversity, dignity, and respect. We know that these values, when put into practice through our work, create impact and contribute to making this world a more dignified and equitable place.

Our purpose is to be a space for projection, inspiration and connection.

When we become visible, we create the opportunity to support networks. Those networks have much more outreach, impact and conditions to make the global conditions more dignified and equitable.

Please share the information with us of those who:
• have a Seva project that can inspire others;
• have a Seva project that could be strengthened;
• someone who makes a difference and who could benefit from our content.

Please share this information with us! See the website --->

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