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IKYTA is the Professional Association for KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga
Teachers. Yogi Bhajan created IKYTA as the container for members to
continue to get the tools, support, protection, CEUs, and networking that
enhances their professional and spiritual growth while encouraging a sense
of community.
3HO Solstice Events are a place to experience the depth of the teachings
through a variety of teachers from all over the world. The common thread
among all Solstice teachers is their commitment to both their professional
growth as a teacher and to the Teacher’s Code of Ethics.
IKYTA holds the Code of Ethics and is the only place where the public
can come forward with concerns about a KRI Teacher. It is the exclusive
responsibility of this Professional Association to address complaints and
take action when necessary. IKYTA insures that all Solstice event participants
have a forum to come forward in the event that fair treatment is an
issue. IKYTA takes a strong position to protect the teacher in all cases of
IKYTA protects the teacher, the student, and the way the teachings are
presented. IKYTA Members do not alter the teachings, kriyas, or meditations
in any way, and being an active Member of IKYTA signifies that the Teacher
agrees to and understands this and is willing to uphold this commitment.

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