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A Renewal of Spirit (True Story):

The drive was long but finally it was over. The walls of the prisons looked foreboding – a thirty foot wall interrupted only by gun towers.

I clearly remember the words of the judge as he sentenced me, “Young man, for as much intelligence as you have, it’s a waste to send you to prison. But, you’re 28 years old, and you were just released from prison less than two years ago. Admittedly, your crime this time is drugs, but three years ago you served time for attempted murder and drugs. I’m sorry son, I can’t let society run the risk of you running loose and doing as you please. I hereby sentence you to 5 years in the custody of the Oregon Correction Division.”  

That night I found myself alone for the first time in months. My cell, my new home for who knew how long. As the truth slowly dawned on me, my inner voice took over.

Why me, Lord? Haven’t I been good? Haven’t I been reading spiritual books? Even as I asked these questions, the answers were reverberating in my mind. Sure, you’ve been good - good to your ego, good to your desire. So you’ve read spiritual books? Does reading a psychology text on abnormal psychology make you a PhD.? Reading spiritual books was fine. But, to be spiritual was what counted.

I may have fooled myself, but not God. That night my world collapsed around me. As I turned my head to the wall, warm salty tears slowly rolled down my face.

Being basically a strong person, I had to face reality. My problem was drugs and alcohol.

I knew that being in prison was my destiny for the rest of my life as long as I continue to this path of self-destruction. I prayed for strength and guidance. I was then put in contact with a book listing various programs and organizations.

I started doing yoga in prison for the first time in my life. I seriously started to meditate every day.

I can’t exactly say what happened to me, but my life became calmer and more bearable. I then began to write spiritual poems. One day, I decided to change my lifestyle after I was released. Looking through the book, I found a section on SuperHealth.

I decided to write and see what their program was about. Then the thought came to me. "You’ve gotta’ be kidding. You’re in prison, you’ve been in prison for attempted murder and drugs. You’ve got no money, they’ll never answer your letter." But my faith overcame my doubts and I wrote a letter of inquiry.

Three weeks later I received a response. I put it on my table and sat staring at it. Thoughts of doubt went through my mind. Finally with some inner strength, I tore open the letter and began to read. I couldn’t believe what it said. They wanted to help me. Just knowing that someone wanted to help a two-time loser was the first of many miracles that began to happen. After just seven months in prison I found myself before the parole board. I had already written them and informed them of my plans to parole out of state. The members of the board talked to me for about 5 minutes and then asked me to leave. When I was called back in, they told me I could go.

So here I am. I am now part of a beautiful community, a family.

Is my problem solved?  Will I stay out of prison?  I don’t honestly know. I do know this:  at least I’m trying to do something to help myself. These people have let me into their lives. What more can I say but, “Thank you, God” for answering my prayers!

Yogic Science to Break Habits & Addictive Behavior - Integrating Yogic Science with Medicine.

"It doesn't matter who you are or what you belong to, you will be needed by the world." Yogi Bhajan

Why do people use drugs, alcohol, smoking and food?

People use substances to fill the hollowness inside. If not fulfilled, there is no reason to get out of it. Drugs are a buffer to the pain experienced from not knowing the self...this is the origin of every hollowness.

Addiction is getting into something to fulfill one's inner emptiness. It is nothing, just spacing out, not facing reality. It means we don't have guts. We don't have stamina. We don't have strength. And then we get strength from outside. When inside strength is not available, we have to do something....

SuperHealth has a technical know-how through which we have a practical method to clean the subconscious blocks so that a man can safely progress to the extent of realization experience.

Learn and experience what Yogi Bhajan taught and then incorporate it into your own life as you teach others. As he said, it's good to specialize. As a teacher in your own right, you are entrusted with these teachings. Learn directly what he taught so we can live to our destiny.

See you there!

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Mukta Kaur Khalsa, Ph.D., Director of SuperHealth, personally studied the technology of behavioral addictions with Yogi Bhajan. She directed a specialized hospital for substance abuse in Tuscon, Arizona, which received the highest commendation, and was rated in the top 10% of all programs in U.S. by the Joint Commission Accreditation Healthcare Organizations. Mukta Kaur is a worldwide trainer and lecturer to healthcare specialists, government officials, and yoga communities, incorporating SuperHealth technology with modalities that enhance the healing process, expediting recovery in the evolution towards self-discovery. 

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