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 -Dharam Dev Kaur and Siri Marka Singh- 

TT 2012

For several years my husband, Siri Marka Singh, and I have been part of the Teacher Training Team at Yoga West in West Los Angeles, where Yogi Bhajan taught for many years. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve teacher trainings there and host many study groups at the house, shepherding groups of teacher trainers through the program. We noticed a need to have support, continuity and community for students to grow in their new roles as teachers. This inspired us to set up an ongoing "Kundalini Yoga Teacher Team Building Community Night" at our home this year.

TT 2012 Community Building


Every first Tuesday of the month, twenty or so new Kundalini Yoga teacher graduates come together to share their experiences and goal projections as new teachers. Collectively we offer support, guidance, resources and inspiration for each other to deliver Kundalini Yoga curriculums to targeted markets and various venues across town.


New teachers are teaching at their local parks, birthing centers, sober living facilities, retreats for gri eving parents, local yoga centers, children's schools, and workplaces. We also have teachers who have opened up their own yoga centers.

We begin the evening with a check-in and then an eleven minute meditation. Then we enjoy a potluck dinner together. During November's Community Night we did an eleven minute healing meditation-RA MA DA SA-for those affected by Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast. We ended the night with a brief update on the election results.


Dharam Dev Kaur

The evening is both cozy and catalytic, with the focus on delivering the teachings we have been so blessed to have experienced and trained to share with others. We encourage the action steps needed to go out and teach while supporting one

another through important life milestones.

Siri Marka

We invite you all to offer "Kundalini Yoga Teacher Team Building Night" to the new teachers in your area.


If you would like more 

information about how to start this group, feel free to give us a call at (310) 433-9123.



All Love, Light and Blessings, 

Dharam Dev Kaur and Siri Marka Singh

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