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By Devjot Singh

Yogi Bhajan’s messages about the Aquarian Age may have been difficult to contextualise before now. We can forgive ourselves perhaps for hearing his teachings simply as an inspirational metaphor supporting personal commitment to a spiritual path.

We may have felt confirmed in our preferences and justified in any stance against war, hunger, and a myriad of social injustices. But now that times have changed, perhaps we had better look again at what the Master was telling us and what will be asked of Aquarian Teachers.

The Piscean Age, its values, achievements, and champions will not go gently into a different future. The collective ego of the Piscean world has been manifesting its will without limit and creating an unsustainable reality for a long time. It seems likely that the karma of these excesses will be the crucible for transformation, but Pisceans will not volunteer for the trip.

Indeed, in the sunset years of the Piscean Age, we will surely witness every form of denial, destructive resistance, and actions that actually make things worse for everyone. While many Western minds are still in service of the ego rather than the soul, business as usual will continue to take the whole world towards breakdown. Those who have a rose-tinted view of a future in which we all vibrate at the frequency of grace and beauty will be shocked to see what ugliness arises in the next few years.

The Piscean worldview, and many of its manifestations, will likely collapse before anything significantly different emerges. It may have to be this way and, although we would be wise to take precautions against the consequences, we can be detached, personally impersonal about it. The role of Aquarian Teachers will be to help people make sense of the changes and to model Aquarian ways of being so that others have a healthy alternative to move towards when the old ways stop working. Our psycho-spiritual preparation for the Aquarian Age must soon support that of others. We should not be waiting.

Earth changes are symptoms of this transition. With only earthly lenses, without a framework big enough to join the dots, it’s easy to miss the meaning. With an understanding of the transition from Piscean to Aquarian however, we have different eyes to see.

In Yogi Bhajan’s simplest description, the end of the Piscean Age will mean the end of ‘I’ and the start of ‘We.’ The primacy of the individual, the privilege of my choice, and the supremacy of money as the proxy measure of value, is coming to an inevitable conclusion. If the fears and desires of our egos are still running the show, then we can expect some pain. If we are ready to embrace the universal in ourselves and transcend the Piscean duality of our past, then we will be ready for the Aquarian Age. While prana still flows through your body there is time to do the work.

Devjot Singh is a Kundalini Yoga teacher based in the UK. He offers transformational retreats and programs designed to put human consciousness in service of life itself. 

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