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My name is Kiret Nam Kaur. I am the only certified Kundalini Yoga teacher in Haiti. It was in 2014 that I returned to live in my native country of Haiti after several years away. I had a great desire, which I still have, to participate in the expansion of my native land.

I discovered Kundalini Yoga one day before going back to Haiti, and since then I have been practicing every day on my own. Kundalini Yoga brought so much beauty into my life that I decided to take the teacher training in Canada, so that I could share this beautiful tool by teaching in Haiti.

I first lived in the mountains, not far from the capital, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Every Sunday, I gave Kundalini Yoga classes in my yurt, which is a beautiful and warm 30 foot Mongolian style tent. This sacred space with the name of Matiyourte had served me as a yoga studio, but also as a home, a refuge and even a temple.

Happily, the community of Kundalini Yoga is growing in Haiti and experiencing the beneficial changes that this type of yoga brings to people’s lives. I started giving classes downtown so I can be closer to people. I sincerely believe that Kundalini Yoga is a powerful tool that can bring more peace, stability and happiness to Haiti.

I am the only Haitian Kundalini Yoga teacher. It is therefore with great devotion and patience that I am offering my time to teach this timeless form of healing. For me, Kundalini Yoga is an essential and beautiful tool for achieving balance each day. Seeing the beneficial changes in those who practice this yoga, I am strongly encouraged to continue serving others in this way, despite all the difficulties I may encounter. When I teach, I feel complete. When I teach, I know that I am fulfilling my mission.

In 2014, I discovered my voice and a world opened to me. My first songs were mantras and since then I haven’t stopped singing them. Now I use chanting during my yoga classes to motivate others so that together we can vibrate with the energy of sacred songs that heal and lift the soul. This way, we connect with a deep part of ourselves and, once connected, we evolve and we become more warm, altruistic, conscious and awake people.

Currently I teach 11 classes per week including 1 by internet. However, I had to close my yoga center because I am looking for a place downtown to install the yurt and start the activities again. I want to officially transform my space, which many already consider as a sacred space, into a Wellness Center named MatiYourte, and offer Kundalini Yoga.

In the meantime, I teach yoga classes in a hotel and in two community centers. Community centers give me the opportunity to reach a different social stratam of society without the financial side being a hindrance for people.

For me, Kundalini Yoga is much more than a personal or a community spiritual practice, it is a tool of peace and expansion. Each year at the autumn equinox, I organize a Kundalini Yoga event to support a movement of harmony on the island of Ayiti Quiskeya that includes Haiti and the Dominican Republic. This event allows the uniting of people from the east and west of the island, with the intention of harmonizing relations between Haitians and Dominicans. We hope this celebration will be even bigger this year.

With great patience I continue to make Kundalini Yoga accessible to more people in Haiti. I feel blessed to have discovered this technology that has opened a beautiful path in my life and I am sure that others will find this blessing too. Soon MatiYourte center will vibrate in all its splendor, and without a doubt, I can assure you that a lot of light will continue to emerge, honoring all the efforts that have been made over the past four years.

Sat Nam!

Kiret Nam Kaur can be contacted on her studio FaceBook page here: MatiYourte Centre de Kundalini Yoga, or by email: [email protected].

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