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By Pritam Hari Kaur

South Africa is a multi-layered society; it reveals itself by degrees if you are committed to finding it and living here for a while. The first interface is the sometimes lush, sometimes stark beauty—the impossibly rich textured mountains and outdoor experiences, the deep valleys, blue oceans, healthy sunshine, abundant fruit and vegetables, and the smiling faces.

The next layer is the abject poverty of the 40% that scrape by with barely anything and how this tears your heart right open and you ask how you can live with that. The next layer might be a dance with reality—keeping your heart present and soft, stay secure in God's hand—joke, smile, be firm, say no; pay the groceries for the person at the supermarket who can barely afford basics; open a free kitchen; grow vegetables and teach others to; and share some aura and anger meditations (when Africans want to be by themselves they sit facing a wall, there sometimes is no space).

South Africa takes us close to the edge. Life is not hemmed and regulated as we know it in Europe or the US. It invites the pioneering spirit. It supports a dialogue and brings into awareness our most subtle entitlement and privilege. This is spiritually enlightening and educational. And while you're at it, you need not take yourself very seriously and have a lot of fun, too!

Kundalini Yoga is taught in the nine provinces with branches reaching into Mocambique, Ghana and, soon, Burundi. We have an active community life, connected through facebook (Kundalini Ninjas, Spring Kundalini Yoga Festival, Kundalini Yoga KZN, Long Valley Farm and Gururamdas Studio) and meet in person at the Level 2 trainings and the Spring Festival. Teachers give readily through courses appropriate to the times and new moon and full moon gatherings and meditations.

A beautiful sadhana CD by DIVINE GURUS Haripal and Karanpal has recently been featured at Spirit Voyage. A group of senior teachers meets regularly for deep conversations and clearing the space and thereby keeping the group fibre and meridians intact. The service through yoga was built upon the strength and diligence of two award-winning natural foods businesses, Fruits & Roots and Earth Products. Every couple of years we are graced with a tantric date, it alternates between the two mother cities, Johannesburg and Cape Town, and so we have a tantric course in Cape Town May 24th, 2014. This could be your invitation to visit us!

Our beloved Atma is selling her exquisite retreat centre,, located in a quaint, artistic village, Barrydale, in the Klein Karoo (semi desert, reminiscent of New Mexico). It was featured in CNN’s Top 9 Spiritual Retreats in South Africa ( and it can be a perfect opportunity for a new adventure, a new step into reality and service!

Long Valley Farm in Robertson in the Western Cape aims at sustainability and is growing into a retreat centre that invites you for events and has shares to offer. So come and embark on a growth-expanding Aquarian adventure!,,


Having lived at Hamburg Guru Ram Das Ashram for 8 years, Yogi Bhajan asked Pritam Hari Kaur to join Har Bhajan pioneering Kundalini Yoga in South Africa in 1987. Their son Hari Bhajan runs the family business, Earth Products, in Johannesburg. Pritam and Har Bhajan are part of a sustainable farm community in the Western Cape. She created the KUNDALINI YOGA FAN, a picture book in yoga and is the lead trainer for South Africa; they continue to reach out through trainings. 

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