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Dear Kundalini Yoga Teachers,

We know that 2020 and this year have been very challenging. As teachers we have been confronted not only with a pandemic, but also a need to face and process allegations of abuse by Yogi Bhajan. For many, this has meant a deep personal and collective process--a quest for truth, answers, and meaning that requires soul searching, profound thought, and dialogue. This process is ongoing and will probably require years to heal.

On a collective level there is great diversity of thought, perspectives, and feelings around this issue and many have felt the pain of separation. As a result, our leadership has looked for support. Our community has embarked on a Compassionate Reconciliation process, facilitated by Just Outcomes, using the foundational principles of restorative justice to guide the healing process. Restorative justice seeks to repair harm while rebuilding a community of trust.

Of course, each of us can continue teaching Kundalini Yoga in an independent way. This technology will always work and uplift us. Nonetheless, a trusting and authentic relationship to our community opens paths to empowerment, connection, and meaning that cannot be achieved alone.

We would like to invite you to be a part of this Compassionate Reconciliation Process*. IKYTA has organized an encounter guided by Just Outcomes, especially for teachers to explore and become familiar with this new born project.

Save the Date:
Experience the power of collective dialogue and the richness of our diverse community of teachers.
Wednesday July 7th from 2-5pm GMT/ 8-11am MT

May we discover the power within ourselves to go beyond, transform conflict, and reimagine a future built on what is truly important to us as a community. May Kundalini Yoga Teachers shine, love, and inspire a better and united world through our example.

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Testimonies from the Just Outcomes session on June 20, 2021:

The Universe "arranged" for me to be in a breakout room with a person who had many negative experiences while she lived at Hacienda de Guru Ram Das in Espanola -- my beloved home for over 30 years. Listening to her painful story, for a split second I considered leaving the breakout room. But I stayed, and by Guru's Grace, I was able to share my vastly different experiences, holding hers with as much compassion as I could muster. I came away with a glimmer of hope that more of these conversations may bring healing.

El Universo "arregló" para mí estar en una sala de conversación con una persona que tuvo muchas experiencias negativas mientras vivía en Hacienda de Guru Ram Das en Española, mi amada casa durante más de 30 años. Al escuchar su dolorosa historia, por una fracción de segundo consideré salir de la sala de conversación. Pero me quedé, y por la gracia de Guru, pude compartir mis muy diferentes experiencias, sosteniendo la de ella con tanta compasión como pude reunir. Salí con un rayo de esperanza de que más de estas conversaciones puedan traer sanación.

O Universo "providenciou" para que eu ficasse em uma sala de conversa com uma pessoa que teve muitas experiências negativas enquanto morava na Hacienda de Guru Ram Das em Espanola - minha amada casa por mais de 30 anos. Ouvindo sua história dolorosa, por uma fração de segundo eu considerei deixar a sala. Mas eu fiquei, e pela Graça do Guru, fui capaz de compartilhar minhas experiências imensamente diferentes, segurando as dela com tanta compaixão quanto pude reunir. Saí com um vislumbre de esperança de que mais dessas conversas possam trazer cura.

- - Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, Espanola, USA

What starts with a slow step by step eventually allows for exchanges that are real and touching because everyone feels safe; safe to be oneself, to go at their own pace, to share their experiences. We realize opinions are not what matters, but inner feelings do so we experience each other's humanity and become bonded beyond our initial divisions. The Just Outcomes techniques may initially trigger the critical mind, but they give us a key to an Aquarian way to integrate our differences and move forward collectively.

Lo que empieza con un lento paso a paso acaba permitiendo intercambios que son reales y conmovedores porque cada uno se siente seguro; seguro de ser uno mismo, de ir a su propio ritmo, de compartir sus experiencias. Nos damos cuenta de que las opiniones no son lo que importa, sino los sentimientos internos, por lo que experimentamos la humanidad de los demás y nos vinculamos más allá de nuestras divisiones iniciales. Las técnicas de Just Outcomes pueden desencadenar inicialmente la impaciencia, pero nos dan la clave de una forma Acuariana para integrar nuestras diferencias y avanzar colectivamente.

Ce qui commence par un lent pas-à-pas permet des échanges qui sont réels et touchants au final parce que chacun se sent en sécurité d'être soi-même, d'aller à son propre rythme, de partager ses expériences. On se rend compte que ce ne sont pas les opinions qui importent, mais les ressentis intérieurs, le vécu, et ainsi on fait l'expérience de l'humanité de l'autre et on se sent unis au-delà de nos divisions initiales. Les techniques de Just Outcomes peuvent initialement déclencher l'impatience, mais elles donnent la clé d'une façon d'intégrer nos différences et d'avancer collectivement qui correspond à l'Ère du Verseau.

O que começa com um passo a passo lento acaba por permitir trocas reais e tocantes porque todos se sentem seguros; seguro de ser você mesmo, de seguir seu próprio ritmo, de compartilhar suas experiências. Percebemos que as opiniões não são o que importa, mas os sentimentos internos sim, então experimentamos a humanidade um do outro e nos tornamos ligados além de nossas divisões iniciais. As técnicas do Just Outcomes podem inicialmente desencadear a mente crítica, mas nos fornecem a chave para uma maneira aquariana de integrar nossas diferenças e avançar coletivamente.

- - Kaline Khalsa (GianJot Kaur) Franco-American teacher currently in Mexico

Soy antigua practicante de espacios de diálogo y coescucha en otros escenarios, y me da mucho gusto que esta buena práctica se instale en nuestra comunidad. Tenía conciencia de la fuerza que tomaron algunas posturas, las más polares y por lo mismo quizá más visibles. Y este fin de semana pasado, lo que se me hizo evidente es que entre uno y otro polo la cantidad de personas es mucha más, y que es un abanico de combinaciones, donde un par de elementos presentes son visibilizar la propia falta de claridad y la necesidad de contención. Gracias por contribuir en ambos sentidos

I am a former practitioner of spaces for dialogue and co-listening in other settings, and I am very pleased that this good practice is installed in our community. I was aware of the force that some postures took, the most polar and therefore perhaps the most visible. And this past weekend, what became clear to me is that between one pole and the other the number of people is much more, and that it is a range of combinations, where a couple of elements present are to make visible the lack of clarity itself and the need for containment. Thanks for contributing both ways.

Sou um ex-praticante de espaços de diálogo e co-escuta em outros ambientes, e estou muito satisfeito que esta boa prática esteja instalada em nossa comunidade. Ele estava ciente da força que algumas posturas assumiam, as mais polares e, portanto, talvez as mais visíveis. E neste fim de semana passado, o que ficou claro para mim é que entre um pólo e outro o número de pessoas é muito maior, e que é uma gama de combinações, onde alguns elementos presentes vão tornar visível a própria falta de clareza e a necessidade de contenção. Obrigado por contribuir de ambas as maneiras.

- - Gurujiwan Kaur

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