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The Chilean Yoga Festival gets bigger and better each year.  Once it was an opportunity for the Chilean communities to come together living the teachings.  It has grown to be the ‘South American’ Yoga Festival, with participants from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Columbia, and Peru.  It is full body festival with Sadhana, Gurdwara, beautiful classes every day, and inspired fun. 

This year Gurubachan Singh was there, teaching, connecting and sharing with future generations, and doing incredible diplomatic service.  Hari Nam Singh of NYC was there teaching and counseling – every minute that he wasn’t teaching.  Gurudev of Texas was there teaching, supporting the work of KRI and building relationships.  Hari Charn Kaur of KRI and Guruka Kaur of 3HO IKYTA were there serving our international family.  We have the opportunity to teach but the amazing opportunity to learn from cultures that are so loving and serviceful.

We had our annual IKYTA Teachers Conference with our focus on grit.  Approximate 70 teachers participated, creating teams to stay in connection with their progress throughout the year.  South America is growing very quickly.  IKYTA honored Nam Nidhan Kaur for incredible work bringing Kundalini Yoga throughout South America, and for her devotion to sharing the Womens Teachings, working with governments in a number of countries and her commitment to give every person an opportunity to experience these Teachings.  IKYTA also honored Jai Gopal Kaur for her continued service to the teachers of Chile and South America, her work with the Global Teachers Council, IKYTA, and Ethics and Professional Standards.

Hari Charn Kaur hosted a KRI Trainers Forum following the festival which was a great opportunity to explore and find solutions for the challenges we face as we grow together in love and service.

The real stars of the festival are the participants, who come together to create this sacred space where everyone can grow, headlined by the incredible team of Chilean Karma Yogies who bring about the event.  Paramjit Kaur is the festival coordinator and besides all the hard work she does, she always has a smile and a loving word.  Those of us who travel far to be at the festival get taken care of most lovingly.

This year there were 350 participants at the festival.  We are up in the foothills of the Andes Mountains about an hour and a half out of Santiago.  What a joy for us ‘northeners’ to fly into summertime! 


The Chilean community invites our entire global community to come down and share in the teachings, love and joy.  You can plan now…  if you would like to attend in 2014. 

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