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"Some of you who are sitting here will become great Teachers of the Age of Aquarius. You must understand that you have to build your character first. Care for yourself, be kind to yourself, be compassionate to yourself. That is what you have to do."
–Yogi Bhajan April 23, 1997

That I never met Yogi Bhajan in physical form left me with many regrets. I often felt envious that his earlier students had access to a living master that could answer their questions. I had a lucid dream years ago with Yogi Bhajan in it. I saw him and was thrilled that I could finally ask him a question. I don't remember what I asked him but he looked at me and said, “Please don't come to me with questions—I am not permitted to answer your questions.” And then he took his very long index finger and hit my third eye and said, “If you have questions, always go here.”

To be a true teacher of the Aquarian Age is to always be a student of the Inner Teacher—the Sat Guru that lives within you. This in turn will build your foundation—your character. A person of reputable character is someone whose thoughts, words and actions are all in harmony. For example, whenever you do something that you know is incorrect for you, you create a schism in your energy field which keeps you out of your power and in conflict with yourself. As a Teacher, this is between you and your higher consciousness. There are no “do’s and don’ts”—meaning what is correct for you could be incorrect for someone else. When you are in conflict with yourself, you don't trust yourself and you will rely more and more on your ego's guidance such as, “I should behave in this way because this is what a Teacher should do or say.”

The ego is very subtle and sneaky in the spiritual realm. Remember that the Teacher does not come from the mind—the Teacher is timeless. It is the subtle energy of Truth that flows through the Universe. The Teacher is present when “you” are present; when you are being yourself—spontaneous, creative and merged with the moment.

In the Aquarian Age, all of humanity is moving into unity consciousness. We are realizing the Truth that there is no separation; we are all ONE. However, this consciousness must first be seeded within each individual. This means that there can be absolutely no conflict within yourself. There can be no such thing as, “I like this part of me, I don't like this part of me, people like this about me and not this.” Reflect on the parts of yourself that you don't like—the parts that drive other people crazy. Your job is to love them all. It may be your karma to love yourself unconditionally even if everyone in your life is rejecting you. Those people are only showing you the ways in which you reject yourself.

The Age of Aquarius is all about experience. To be a teacher of the Aquarian Age is to embrace and learn from all life experience. To be knowledgeable on a subject is just not enough anymore to penetrate the ego of a student. The Aquarian Age demands that we accumulate wisdom which is “lived knowledge” that imprints upon the subtle body. It is this subtle body that teaches the person.

In my experience, I have found myself in extraordinary situations and wondered later, “What the heck was that all about?” Inevitably, in the following weeks, I will come into contact with a student who needs to hear exactly what I learned from that life experience. Sometimes, I feel that God uses me as a guinea pig to go through the fires of the unknown first so that I may help others.

As a Teacher of the Aquarian Age you must be the living embodiment of Aquarian Consciousness. How can you teach about love when you don't love yourself? How can you teach kindness when you are not kind to yourself? How can you teach compassion when you are not compassionate toward yourself? It begins with you and living your Truth. The Truth is you are perfect, whole and innocent. It is time for you to love yourself and teach others, through your example, to do the same.

Catalyst Yogi (Haribhajan) serves to empower you to live as your Authentic Self and to deliver your purpose to the world. Visit to learn more about life changing on-line programs. He says, “My name is Catalyst Yogi because throughout my life I began to notice the pattern that great change would swirl all around me by “me” just being myself. I am committed to help guide people to live in the new age of Aquarius. I am also a trained Energy Healer, Writer and certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Beyond all these labels I am just a HUEman (light projected through the mind).


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