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by Lynn Roulo

If you've noticed the world seems polarized lately, you are not alone. From politics to climate change and from pandemics to wars, it can feel like the human race is having a really hard time getting along. While these times can leave you feeling destabilized and down, the good news is that the polarization is because we're going through a transition from one astrological age to the next, and the coming period promises to be one of higher consciousness, compassion, and enlightenment.

What is an Astrological Age?

In broad terms, an astrological age is a period of time based on the orientation of the Earth's rotational axis in relation to various constellations. The durations are long, with each age lasting approximately 2,160 years. Beyond the relationship between the Earth and the stars, these ages are important because they point to cultural influences and values, giving us clues about what to expect for future generations.

The twelve astrological ages flow backward through the signs of the zodiac, meaning that we are leaving the Piscean Age and entering the Age of Aquarius. While there is debate about when exactly the Age of Pisces ends and the Age of Aquarius begins, it is widely accepted by the astrological community that we are living through the transition.

The Piscean Age versus the Age of Aquarius

Astrological ages have different influences, values, attitudes, and beliefs. The Piscean age is characterized by war, machinery, and the understanding that access to information gives you power. This is the age defining the cult of "me," and with this came a separation both from nature and from each other. Money, power, and control are core values, and the search for meaning went on outside of ourselves. The Piscean Age marks the beginning of modernization.

The Age of Aquarius marks a thirst for change and a profound shift in the consciousness of humanity as we move from "me" to "we." There will be new paradigms of how people can live together in peace and equality. It is an age of ideas and inspiration, where we tune back into the rhythms of nature and allow the creative consciousness to flow.

The Transition

These transitions can be thought of as waves that slowly build in intensity, with the strongest point at the end of the period. Following this metaphor, the Piscean Age is crashing over us as the Age of Aquarius is just starting to build. The change is not incremental. It is a simultaneous change that can feel intense and destabilizing.

That's the bad news. But the good news is that we've got a lot to look forward to as the Age of Aquarius builds momentum. Here are three key characteristics you can expect from the Aquarian Age.

  1. A Shift From "Me" to "We"

The Piscean Age had a focus on getting our own needs met. It was characterized by a "me first" attitude, where short-term personal fulfillment was prioritized over long-term benefit to the collective. It was a time of materialism and consumerism, and in the Piscean Age, success was measured by material wealth, financial dominance, and lifestyle comfort.

The Aquarian Age ushers in a shift in perspective. The focus moves from "me" to "we" as we begin to deeply understand that we are all connected and that nothing happens in isolation. Each action will be considered both individually and globally. There will be an awareness that each person's behavior affects the vast networks of other living beings and things. This is an age of paradox: both more individual and more global simultaneously. Watch as individuals influence communities like never before.

  1. More Transparency: The Unknown Will Be Known

The Aquarian Age is a period of transparency. Expect no secrets!

In the Piscean Age, access to information gave you power, and because information was not easily available, you had the possibility to hide your actions and cloak your behavior. It was easier to get away with things.

In this new age, information is accessible by all, and every person is under audit. Actions can be tracked and traced. Behavior is recorded and shared. Expect no stone to go unturned. Because access to information is available to all, who you are as a human being will matter more and more. What is your character? What are your values? Do you have integrity? Living in alignment with your higher self will become more important than ever before. Access to information is not enough. Neither is knowledge. This age calls for true wisdom.

  1. Expect Massive Change

The Aquarian Age is a time of great complexity as our sense of personal identity and our very foundation shifts. Expect developments in all arenas, including scientific discoveries, technological advancements, and societal shifts. On an individual level, change and learning will be lifelong and constant. Technology will pave the way for massive shifts in lifestyle. The world you entered will not be the same world you leave. From climate change to space travel and from post-pandemic culture to the metaverse, we are entering a whole new world. Change is the name of the game, and those who stay mentally, emotionally, and physically flexible are the ones who will flourish.

How to Navigate the Changing Times

While the coming changes promise to bring us to a place of higher consciousness, times of transition are rarely easy. Given the magnitude of these changes, it's important to have tools to help us down the path.

Tools for the Transition

With the information overload coupled with the radically shifting background, it is easy for your mind to become overwhelmed and for your anxious thoughts to drain your energy. One of the most stabilizing things you can do is establish a regular yoga and meditation practice. Cultivate discipline. Work with your mind. Tend to your physical body. Need some help getting started? Try this 26-minute Kriya for Elevation.

Stress, fatigue, and chronic depletion are becoming signs of the times, so find ways to manage and build your energy. Spend time in nature. Practice self-care. Try this 3-minute meditation for stress relief and to clear emotions from the past.

This is an age of experience, expertise, and expansion. What lies ahead promises to be infinitely better than what we leave behind. As we move from the mind to the heart, from tradition to progress and from hierarchy to equality, use the tools the ancient yogis developed to help us move into this brighter future.

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