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By Sirgun Kaur

It was dark and I was extremely panicked. My 2 year old was missing during an evening
Gurdwara service. He could have escaped through any door; he could have been taken;
he could have... the scenarios played out in my head like a horrific slide show. 
In a moment of clarity, I remembered a rant I almost published on Facebook that same
day: “The 5 Sutras for the Aquarian Age aren’t lofty principles. They are for actual daily
use. Vibrate the Cosmos isn’t a metaphor. It’s a first resort when trouble strikes.”
Vibrate the Cosmos.
What was I vibrating in this moment? In other words, what was I communicating
vibrationally to the Cosmos about what I wanted? Certainly not the joyous discovery of
my son. 
I was vibrating―
I calmed down just long enough to remember that the only other time I’d “lost” a child
was when my eldest hid from me at a hotel.
“He’s probably hiding,” I thought. About 30 seconds later I got a call from my sister-in-
law that he had been found in a closet in the basement of our Gurdwara, about 15 feet
from where I began my search.
A wave of relief rushed over me. The Cosmos had cleared the path.
I tell this story because I have noticed that even though I love and appreciate the sutras
a lot, they are so much more useful than most of us give them credit for. I want to see
us apply these teachings more in everyday life―not just in the morning, not just in
teacher training, and certainly not just in conversation with other yogis. ALL. THE. TIME.
So here are some suggestions for practical usage:

1. Recognize that the other person is you: The next time someone cuts you off in
traffic, this is what to remember. The other driver is not a meteor from space,
coming at you with no relation to who you are. The other driver is a reflection of
your mental state at that moment.
What were you thinking about? What were you talking about? The obnoxious
driver is showing you where you are mentally. So thank that person for pointing
out that you weren’t keeping up. The Cosmos is always fair and always
responds exactly the same way―vibrationally. That is why the other person is
you. It cannot be that something is happening to you that isn’t a reflection of who
you are at that moment. Every moment is a mirror, and everyone is your
reflection in that Cosmic mirror.
What a gift! We get instant by instant evidence of our state of affairs. There are
millions of opportunities in each day for a tune up. And it’s a good thing we are
Kundalini Yogis, because we have a few tune-up tools up our sleeves, right?

2. There is a way through every block: I’m going to really push your buttons here
and talk about money. It is the #1 thing I hear otherwise conscious people talk
negatively about. Think you can’t afford to go to that workshop you are dying to
attend? Or buy the house you want?
Remember that Yogi Bhajan says there is a way through every block. Not a
couple per day, or one a week. Every single one! And guess what: you are the
block you have to get through. Your beliefs about your ability (or inability) to
attract the means you need in order to get what you want, is the only block you
need get through.
Most often our biggest block is thinking there is only one way to get through the
block and we can’t access it. Let the Cosmos be concerned about the details.
That’s none of your business. You must trust that the HOW is beyond your
comprehension and stay clear about the
And again, good thing there are quite a few prosperity meditations. The purpose
of all of them is to clear the subconscious clutter inside you that prevents you
from achieving the prosperity you would enjoy. So the next time you want to
complain to your friend about your money woes, consider starting that 40 day
sadhana instead, because
there is a way through every block.

3. When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off: To me, this is the
simplest of all five sutras. And yet, it is often the last one I remember. I will put off
housework until my couch is piled with clean laundry to fold, the floors are strewn
with toys and crumbs, and I honestly cannot take it anymore. The stress of a
messy house is so much worse than the comparatively tiny task of cleanup. Not
to mention, it’s a waste of time to wait and bemoan the solution to your problem.
Start writing that blog post you’ve been putting off, or filling out that application
for the job you want. You don’t have to know what happens next. Take the first
step. The path will reveal itself as you go. This sutra always reminds me of the
Martin Luther King Jr. quote: “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see
the whole staircase, just take the first step.” And you’ll feel so much better for it!

4. Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times: The
cashier at Walgreens isn’t a horrible person. She had a restless night, woke up at
5am to get coursework done for the online class she is taking, and then took her 
3 kids to school. When she got to work she was greeted by a manager who was
grumpy for his own reasons. And neither of them have any mindfulness tools to
keep them centered or grateful for their lives.
Be the example of compassion. I find that in forgiving others for their irrational
behavior towards me, I also find more forgiveness for myself (win-win!). The next
moment is another opportunity, and the person who behaved poorly will have a
much higher chance of showing you their goodness if you expect it from them.

5. Vibrate the Cosmos. The Cosmos shall clear the path: And finally we come to my
favorite of the five. It is really a culmination of all of them, because everything is
vibration. You must vibrate at a high frequency in order to accomplish the first
four sutras.
I used to understand “vibrate the Cosmos” as chanting mantras. Chanting is
definitely part of it. And mantra is a great tool to vibrate the Cosmos. However, in
every moment we can remember to keep our vibration elevated through the
thoughts we engage, the words we speak, the attention we give to the things that
are working for us in our life. Because everything is vibration, we are always
vibrating. But vibrating the Cosmos is about using our vibration intentionally.
When we choose our vibration intentionally, we are communicating to the
Cosmos about the life we want to live. We find the Cosmos paves beautiful path
after beautiful path for us to walk. We have seen the other person is us, known
that there is a way through every block, started when the pressure was on,
understood through the lens of compassion, and now we experience the path of
When is the best time to practice the Five Sutras for the Aquarian Age? Anytime! When
you are stuck in traffic, when you’re in a fight with your partner, and certainly when you
think you’ve lost your child in a crowd.
These sutras aren’t lofty principles to frame on our wall and forget about. They are a
blueprint for healthy interaction with the world around us. I pray you put them to
exceptionally good use.

Sirgun Kaur is Sacred Songstress, Kundalini Yoga teacher who helps people focus their thoughts and reclaim their happiness. Get her inspirational emails on her website, or join her YouTube community here.  

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