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By Siri Kirin/Kathe Forrest

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is the season of the liver. Imagine spring as a sort of "awakening" for the liver--a time when it becomes more active, working hard to clean out a winter's worth of congestion. It's a good time to give it some extra support.

Your liver works hard to keep metabolic processes running smoothly and your body free of harmful toxins. Take some time this spring to give it a little extra love and support.

10 ways you can keep your liver happy every day:

1. Start your morning off with warm water and the juice of half a fresh lemon - this contributes to the alkalinity of your body system.

2. Before you get into the shower, do two minutes of dry skin brushing from toe up to neck to stimulate the lymphatic system.

3. Practice Breath of Fire or Agni. This not only expands the capacity of the lungs to breathe but quickly oxygenates your blood, thus helping the body detoxify itself and remove waste more effectively.

4. Incorporate the cruciferous veggies into at least one meal daily. Enjoy green veggie juices during the day.

5. Eat fermented foods such as raw kraut with meals. They are a rich source of probiotics and enzymes to support digestion.

6. Have some curry! The turmeric in curry powder is anti-inflammatory and contributes to the production of glutathione, a potent liver-protective antioxidant. Avocados are also a rich source of glutathione.

7. Get enough fiber-rich foods to bind up toxins in the gut and help promote regularity.

8. Get out there and sweat! Exercise or sit in a sauna. Sweating liberates toxins.

9. Take an Epsom salt bath before bed. Not only will magnesium-rich epsom salts help you sleep, they also help draw toxins out of the body.

10. My favorite kriya: Kundalini Yoga for the Liver, Colon and Stomach (From Yoga for Youth and Joy).

Kathe Forrest/Siri Kirin began studying Hatha yoga and meditation in her mid-twenties and became certified in Hatha yoga after a 10-year intensive study. She has been certified as a Kundalini Yoga teacher since 2007 and acknowledges that for her this one takes the cake. Her teaching and understanding of yoga, meditation and pranayama is influenced by the philosophy of many yogis and teachers including: Kahil Gibran, Sivananda and Yogi Bhajan. Studies in nutrition and alternative therapies have contributed to her scope of understanding the mind/body connection. Kathe can be reached through email and her website to provide classes and workshops.

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