Guru Want Kaur (Daphna Dor)

Guru Want Kaur (Daphna Dor)
Canggu Bali

Sat Nam! It is with energetic excitement and joy that I share the healing technology of Kundalini Yoga through classes, immersions and retreats here in Bali, Indonesia, and in trainings around the world. Being in such an international hub I feel blessed to teach our beautiful community here as well as meet and teach people from all over the world. The classes are always diverse, as are the students! It is my gift to be sharing the transformational practice of kundalini yoga... the golden thread of connection to our consciousness! I am available tor private sessions as well. In addition to being KRI certified, I am also a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist and teacher of Yin Yoga. Blessings!

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Level 1: Professional

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Meditation, Women