Gurucharan Khalsa, PhD (Gurucharan Khalsa)

Gurucharan Khalsa, PhD (Gurucharan Khalsa)
505 927 7848
Advancing Human Awareness, Inc.
57 Coastal Oak
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
United States

Director of Training Emeritus and Founder KRI

President of Advancing Human Awareness, Inc.

Expert in the Practical Applications of Meditation. Consultant, Author, Researcher, therapist LPC, coach

Some books: "21 Stages of Meditation", "Mind: its projections and multiple facets" with Yogi Bhajan; "Breathwalk" with Yogi Bhajan; "Psychospiritual Clinician's Handbook"; "Sadhana Guidelines" and numerous training manuals.

I offer training worldwide in teacher training, corporate products, and therapy. I have an office in Aliso Viejo, California where I do writing, counseling/coaching/clinical psych as well as offer courses and consulting. As director of training emeritus and co-founder of KRI I love to teach, reach out and to help each person fulfill their potential. I am doing research and am an affiliated scholar of Chapman University in Contemplative Science and InterdisciplinaryDialogue connecting Foundations of Physics, Meditation, Neuroscience and Philosophy. I work on a project with the Institute of Quantum Studies to model Consciousness and subjectivity in physics and science applications. For counseling/coaching on skype video send header CONSULT to [email protected] Office phone 5059277848

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KRI Teacher Trainer: Intern

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