Yogi Chiranjeev Singh

Yogi Chiranjeev Singh
5276 Notre-Dame-De-Grace
Montreal, QC H4A 1K9
<p>KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Level One Instructor (2010)<br />Certified Zen Shiatsu Practitioner with SNMQ (2013)<br />KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Level Two Practitioner (2017)<br />Aquarian Trainer Academy Intern (Jan 2018) - Mentoring with Devinder Kaur of Pranashanti Yoga in Ottawa ON</p> <p>Applying Kundalini Healing Touch at Vidalia Yoga in Montreal for anxiety, depression, digestive problems, stress and fatigue.<br /><br />Offers Kundalini Yoga Healing Touch as a combination of:&nbsp;Kundalini Yoga, pranayama, meditation, gong and healing touch massage(as taught by Yogi Bhajan)</p> <p>Invites you to be uncomfortable and trust the process.</p>


Montreal, QC, Canada

Teacher Certification

Level 1
Level 2

Teacher Interest Areas

Addiction, Health Practitioners, Mantras & Naad, Meditation, Men, Mental Health, Sat Nam Rasayan®, Sikh Dharma, Women
English, French (Français)