Ajeet Khalsa

Ajeet Khalsa
Light Tree
1805 South Hills Drive
Knoxville, TN 37920
United States

Ajeet is a creative spirit, performance artist, master yogi, mom and teacher. Her specialty is Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Yogic Mentoring and her popular Children's Yoga Teacher Training, Dancing Spider Yoga

She teaches extensively throughout the East Coast leading weekend workshops at yoga studios and mental health facilities. She is single mom and lives in Knoxville, Tennessee where she has a private practice and runs a yoga bnb.

Ajeet is a happy spirit doing her life's work through yoga trainings, classes, community gatherings and festivals. She has inspired the Southerners to do Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for the past 20 years. Her speciality is working with children and families--intersecting art, theatre and yoga into a seamless ecstasy of fun, uplifting joy. Having time do lots of yoga each day, Ajeet brings to her work a highly intuitive grace which allows her to give clear advice and direction to the clients she is serving. In her children's yoga trainings, folks find the pieces of the puzzle that they were missing. Often times she hears that participants in her workshops experience spontaneous healing or insights. She is blessed to have studied directly with the master of Kundalini Yoga, Yogi Bhajan and his wife, Bibi Ji, since 1989. She is still aligned completely with the shakti energy of Kundalini and is self-initiated into this lineage of yoga. Her own life has brought about a profound shift of consciousness and awareness and in this change of the age, she feels it is her birthright and imperative not only to be happy but to bring that happiness and joy to others. Her healing comes from her journey and her journey has taken her to understand these specific modalities: mental illness, depression, schizophrenia, divorce, death, grief and loss. Through her own physical and spiritual experiences with these events, she has learned transcendence and the light of the wounded healer. Her work is powerful, sublime. She is offering private 90-day programs to individuals wishing to transcend mental, physical and emotional blocks. She offers her speciality children's yoga training: Dancing Spider Yoga to teachers, therapists, parents and healers.

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