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Ajeet Khalsa

Ajeet Khalsa
Ajeet is a performer, a yogi and teacher. Her specialty is Kundalini Yoga, Chakra Dance Parties, Intensive Collaborative workshops, Yoga at Festivals, Children's Yoga ~ The Dancing Spider ~ and Feet By Ajeet (tm) She teaches extensively throughout the South East and brings her upbeat and energetic work to audiences that uplifts and then transcends. She is known for her wonderful playful personality, her warm spirit and her healing abilities. She is available to come to your studio, town, local festival and spread joy! She teaches in Knoxville, Tennessee at The Glowing Body where she gives Kundalini classes and workshops teaches women in recovery, and offers private yoga and energy healing sessions. She can be reached through The Glowing Body at 865. 545-4088
711 Irwin Street
Knoxville, TN 37920
United States

Teacher Specialties

Kundalini Yoga for Mantras / Naad Yoga
Kundalini Yoga for Women's Teachings
Kundalini Yoga for Mental Health
Kundalini Yoga for Business
Kundalini Yoga for Addictions
Kundalini Yoga for Kids