"I have just started giving 10% of the funds I receive from teaching Kundalini Yoga (only small amounts as my classes are small and held in the atrium in my home) but it is the start of giving. THANKS for the wonder of the Kundalini Energy that has been part of my daily practice since 1983."

~IKYTA Member and Gurudakshina donor


"How can we not give back to the source of the teachings?"

~Shakti Parwha Kaur Khalsa, California, United States


"I love paying Gurudakshina as it is a sacred trust."

~IKYTA Member and Gurudakshina donor


"I enjoy feeling that I'm contributing to making Kundalini Yoga accessible to more people."

~Jill Brazda, Texas, United States


"Just giving back feels good and it is the right thing to do."

~IKYTA Member and Gurudakshina donor


"Kundalini Yoga is the most awesome gift I have ever encountered. It is an incredible, invaluable tool for living. I am amazed at the changes my students have experienced in a relatively short period of time. My gratitude goes out to the organization that brings this information to humanity. The world owes a debt to Yogi Bhajan and the organization that supports his teachings. I feel it is right and a pleasure to support its continuation. I will continue to share 11% of my funds from teaching, knowing that I too grow personally in strength and awareness because of these gifts."

~IKYTA Member and Gurudakshina donor


"It is just the right thing to do. We must give back to honor what we have been given, which is so much."

~Meredith Wright, Louisiana, United States


"I am motivated by all that Yogi Bhajan has done for me and my desire to return some small measure of that grace."

~Sierra Hollister, North Carolina, United States


"I contribute because I am grateful and because I want the research, the teachings, and the information to continue."

~Kathy Fritchen, Iowa, United States


"You have to give in order to receive; it is the law for both students and teachers."

~IKYTA Member and Gurudakshina donor


"The support I receive from IKYTA and 3HO, it makes me want to give something back to help perpetuate the teachings and the support structure for teachers."

~Lesley Farlow, Massachusetts, United States


"To give where I am fed spiritually."

~Kelly Wood, California, United States


"For me, it's part of being a Yoga Teacher. Its part of what we do. I like to do it."

~IKYTA Member and Gurudakshina donor


"Why not? It's a law of the cosmos."

~Christ Singh Khalsa, Texas, United States


"I have experienced the benefits of giving so I know it works and also I want to make sure that the teachings are kept sacred through the work of IKYTA."

~IKYTA Member and Gurudakshina donor


"You don't get where you need to go without giving."

~Siri Kirpal Kaur Khalsa, Oregon, United States


"I give to Gurudakshina because I have the sense that it fuels my success as a Teacher."

~IKYTA Member and Gurudakshina donor


"I give to help fund the completion of the transcription of Yogi Bhajan videos."

~IKYTA Member and Gurudakshina donor


"I've contributed to maintain a feeling of belonging within the community."

~Meryl Brown, New Hampshire, United States


"I give in the gratitude for Yogi Bhajan's teachings and also in the experience that it comes back to me many times over."

~Megan Chaskey, New York, United States


"Giving Gurudakshina is keeping the Flow of money, giving and receiving back."

~IKYTA Member and Gurudakshina donor


"I want to ensure the success of the organization."

~IKYTA Member and Gurudakshina donor


"I give to Gurudakshina to set the vibration to receive the teachings, even though I am not teaching very much at this time."

~Jill Brazda, New Mexico, United States


"Gurudakshina never comes from the wallet. Gurudakshina comes from the heart. It is a key part of our deep connection to our Teacher, a manifestation of our gratitude for the blessing he has given us of living as teachers in this lifetime. Yogi Bhajan has said that he came to create teachers, not to gather disciples, so that as teachers we can be liberated in this lifetime..." 
       ~Guruka Singh Khalsa, New Mexico, United States


"I give Gurudakshina with gratitude for all Kundalini Yoga has given to me and in celebration of my calling to pass the teachings on to others. I give Gurudakshina because we must support our local 3HO Organizations so that they in turn can support our National Organizations and so on. It keeps our community strong.”

~Alix Mathias, Vancouver, BC, Canada


"I'm inspired to contribute because every time I send in more that the 11% suggested, I receive more students."

~Susan Kezios, Illinois, United State