Are you a Kundalini Yoga Teacher?
Attend IKYTA’s Winter Solstice Conference



Recognize the student in you!


 Tuesday, Dec. 17th  10:30 – 5:00 PM



Everybody is a teacher and everybody is a student.  But, how do you recognize the teacher in a student?  And, how do you ensure your continual growth as a student?


Becoming a teacher is a first step on the path.  And, just because you become a teacher doesn’t mean you stop learning as a student!  How do you ensure your continual growth as a student?  How do you encourage students to keep growing?  How do you recognize the teacher in a student?  What happens as your relationship changes?  How do you work together as you both continue to grow?
You will learn how:

–the Golden Chain holds us all in balance

–to create and keep rapport

–to keep expanding your personal and professional self

–your growth ensures your ability to offer more! 
You will receive:

–tools to take home to become a better teacher

–time-tested ideas to broaden your reach
–a Breathwalk to increase your feeling of connectedness


Teachers helping teachers!  That is the IKYTA Teachers Conference!


CEU credits available for the day.

Shakta Kaur (Chicago), Deva Kaur (FL), Kartar Singh (VA), Hari Charn Kaur (KRI), Guruka Kaur (IKYTA)

Special Feature:  Yogi Bhajan DVD Lecture ‘On Teaching Kundalini Yoga’



Teach yourself each day with your sadhana.  Strive for mastery of the self so you can uplift and serve all who come.  Don’t limit yourself and don’t limit the students.  Students come and go according to their destinies.  It really is not your concern.”

-Shakta Kaur



Kartar Singh VA



-Kartar Singh






-Guruka Kaur