Haridev Kaur (Renee Clarke)

Haridev Kaur (Renee Clarke)
639 Lamont Street NW
Washington, DC 20010
United States
Haridev is a committed yogi who seeks to live each day in an authentic way - embodying "Sat Nam" -- allowing truth to be her identity. She knows now that her love of the "naad" - sacred sound current - which she consciously found in 2010, actually began as a child since she could not get enough disco music and dancing. Then it led to more than a decade of playing the french horn, improvising on tenor saxophone and leading her high school band as drum major. You can always count on her to be the first to get out dancing whether it is the Guru Ganesha Band, early Michael Jackson or Zimbabwean mbira music. She also savored every minute of DJing in college - whether it was parties or the radio - classic Motown, r&amp;b, 90s hip hop, techno or feminist artists. She now savors the opportunity to share music as part of her classes and developing birth playlists. An advocate and adventurer, she is passionate about climate change and sustainable development as well as other progressive issues. A former resident of Botswana, Malawi and Zimbabwe, she learned first hand the challenges rural communities in southern Africa face due to the current realities of climate change. A campaign activist at heart, she has defended the importance of the voice of the grassroots in policy making. She started her own consulting firm on climate policy and communications (<a href="http://www.narayanstrategy.com">www.narayanstrategy.com</a>) in September 2013. A lifelong teacher and leader, she is seeing beautiful yet complex changes in her life as a result of her training to become a certified kundalini yoga teacher. She recently launched a Kundalini yoga based business that is focused on working with yogis to help them develop a home practice through customized online content to support 11- and 40-day practices. More info and Haridev's teaching schedule is avaiable at <a href="http://www.haridevkaur.com">www.haridevkaur.com</a>.

Teacher Certification

Level 1

Teacher Interest Areas

Mantras & Naad, Mental Health