Guru Mantra Singh Khalsa

Guru Mantra Singh Khalsa
619 454 4296
1214 28th Street
San Diego, CA 92104
United States
<p><strong>Guru Mantra Singh</strong><span>&nbsp;studied with Yogi Bhajan beginning 1974. He started teaching in 1976.&nbsp; &nbsp;Since 1987 He has opened his door and invited everybody every day for&nbsp; 2 1/2 hour Aquarian Sadhana&nbsp; in San Diego. He received Level&nbsp; I II and III Sat Nam Rasayan® Certification, and has been hosting a healing&nbsp; clinic, leading practice sessions, seeing clients&nbsp;privately and teaching SNR® classes two hour weekly once or twice a week since 1995. He is happy to help you in any way that he is able and is looking forward to seeing you.</span></p>

Teacher Certification

Level 1

Teacher Interest Areas

Business, Health Practitioners, Mantras & Naad, Meditation, Men, Sat Nam Rasayan®