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By Ram Krishan Singh

“Dharma is when you consciously put yourself together to work for others, for their happiness, for their benefit, for taking away their pain, giving them a life, serving them.” 
-Yogi Bhajan

The Seva Sadhana Program at the Mother Ashram (Hacienda de Guru Ram Das Ashram) in Espanola, New Mexico offers the opportunity for participants of all backgrounds to become immersed in the healthy, happy, holy lifestyle.

We live together in spiritual community, rise in the early morning hours to practice Kundalini Yoga and meditation, and experience the power of living a life of service. Whether it’s working in the garden, helping in the kitchen, serving food to the ashram community or the greater community of Espanola, the way of life around the ashram is service, and participants experience its incomparable sweetness and the harmony it brings to life.

Doing Karma Yoga allows us to do inner work through outer action as a complementary lifestyle to any sort of meditation or yoga practice. This allows us to keep facing ourselves moment after moment no matter if we are on the mat or going about our day. Service provides a purposeful context for our existence, and a practical direction for our lives.

The program features a 40-day intensive experience which leads participants through a process of self-initiation, and transformation into a deeper experiential understanding of themselves and the path of dharma, providing practical tools and a solid foundation to live as lighthouses for their communities and the world.

Saraswati Amrit Kaur:

“Taking part in the Seva Sadhana Program was a huge blessing for me. I was introduced to sadhana and I did it as a 40-day challenge. I experienced the power of its benefits, becoming more centered and coming closer to the core of my true being. I was able to heal from old pain and invite new things on my path.

In daily ashram life I met amazing people that became my teachers, and I was deeply touched by the spirit of Yogi Bhajan in the Mother Ashram. For me, it was wonderful to learn about Sikh Dharma and reciting Japji. I am very thankful for this deep enriching experience.

I have learned so much about seva and surrender, about living in a community and my individual needs and boundaries, about spirituality and trust. I have discovered for myself that meditation lies in all little things and actions we do in daily life.

During the program I was confronted with myself in so many different ways, dropping my ego, learning to bow and be humble. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to do that in such a safe and protected space that Ram Krishan Singh and Ram Krishan Kaur are maintaining for the sevadars. I felt very supported during my stay and the seed for beautiful friendships was planted. I am already looking forward to returning to New Mexico. Sat Nam!”

Tarkash from Switzerland:

“This program was the answer to my prayers of many years. I have felt supported, experienced leadership, and have found a cozy nest that I quickly called my home. Exposure to many different personalities made me see the light and darkness inside of me. With a safety net gently wrapped around me, approaching a journey of acceptance felt less threatening in this positive bubble. I am forever thankful for the opportunity and all the lessons I have learned, and the beautiful friends who shared their time and space with me.

My dream of living in community surrounded by like-minded friends became a reality after leaving a very difficult living situation. The community became a part of me and I know I will return.”  

Rosi from Germany:

“The Seva Sadhana program was a huge blessing for me and my life. The first time I came in December 2017, I was amazed how easy it was in the environment of the ashram to get familiar with a rhythm that allowed me to get into Sadhana so easily. Doing Sadhana everyday gave me the chance to see some unexpected parts of myself and deal with them. I am so grateful for this healing process I could go through.

Working together with the other sevadars, whether in the kitchen or in the garden, was always fun and an opportunity to share our experiences. The people attracted to this program are wonderful. Thank you all! The Seva Sadhana program will certainly see me again one day.”

Namdhan from Colombia:

“I felt supported by all the people from the ashram, it was so magical. Every time I had the chance to talk with a person there, it was like having a mini class about life, love, relationships, the path, anything! I felt as if I had lived there all my life, because everybody received me with warmth.

I have to highlight my experience of Gurdwara. The very first time I was in the presence of the Siri Guru Grant Sahib, tears just flooded my eyes and I wondered, what is happening? What is this aching/sunny sensation in my heart? It was like when you are gone from a dearest place and you finally come back and can't believe you are there.

At the beginning I performed seva by discipline, not fully understanding its meaning. After my experiences in Sadhana and in Gurdwara, I learned to do it out of love and gratefulness for this place where, through my tears, I have become closer to my Soul.” 
-Namdhan from Colombia

“Don't heal yourself. Don't waste a minute; don't discuss your problems. See the problems of others and uplift them and solve them. You will be shocked when you come back home—your problems will already be solved. That is the way of the Age of Aquarius. Seva will work it out.”
-Yogi Bhajan

By adopting an attitude of service, opportunities appear everywhere and we become like the sun of our local Universe, shining the light of service into every nuance of our existence.

You are a Gift to the world, your presence serves a purpose, be the light!

Ram Krishan Singh Khalsa is a lifelong student of the healing arts and Universal Truth. With over 11 years of worldwide travel and intensive study, he shares in the spirit of unity through his life work which he calls the science of Cultural Detox and the Way of the Radiant Heart. He currently serves as the director of the Seva Sadhana Program at Hacienda de Guru Ram Das Ashram in Espanola, New Mexico, where he lives with his wife and daughter. 

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