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Membership Benefits

As an IKYTA Member you are making a commitment to your own excellence, while at the same time contributing in a collective way to spreading the teachings of Kundalini Yoga.


Global Presence: Number one request is to help get Kundalini Yoga on the world stage. We are dedicated and committed to being the leaders of this initiative in collaboration with the worldwide community of Kundalini Yoga teachers. We plan to do this by hosting Kundalini Yoga Summits, having a presence at national yoga events, being the leaders in Yoga News, marketing in national publications and continuous smaller initiatives throughout the year.

Networking: IKYTA provides opportunities for Teacher networking opportunities through the Teacher Conferences offered around the world. Currently the conferences are held annually in New Mexico, Florida, France, and Chile. Soon to be offered in California and New York.

Promotional Directory: Global Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Event Directory with detailed profile options. Search by country, city, teacher, class, or speciality.

Business Resources: Currently we offer Marketing brochures on Kundalini Yoga, Postcard templates to use for new students, logos, posters, liability form template, and soon to come business card templates.

Yoga Center Support: An 11 part video series that supports the building of community and your business.

Continuing Education: CEU events, classes and webinars to fulfill your 30 hours of CEUs every 3 years.

Specialized Training: Opportunities to study and teach on topics such as Pregnancy Yoga, Yoga for Chronic Illness, Children’s Yoga, etc.

Teaching Tools: A dozen teaching curriculums with more added monthly. Soon to come “how-to” videos for teachers and studio owners.

Webinars: To enhance teacher’s skills for working with different populations such as people with addictions, PTSD for veterans, Yoga for those suffering from anxiety and depression, yoga for children, the business of yoga and many others.

Discounts: on products that support your teaching and business and events including summer and winter solstice (see below for discount opportunities and codes)

Coaching: Give or receive 6 months of coaching for you as a teacher and/or studio owner.

Global Associations: We support all Kundalini Yoga Associations all over the world through the Teacher’s Directory, Events search, and links to each association.

Discount Events

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$50 IKYTA Discount Code

When registering for 3HO Summer Solstice 2016 please check mark that you are an IKYTA member. You can fill in the discount code in the field labeled 'Enter IKYTA Code'.

Beyond Addiction - The Yogic Path to Recovery with Sat Dharam Kaur

This program is designed for individuals seeking to develop healthy habits and overcome addictive behaviour, for health professionals who work with addiction and for certified Kundalini Yoga teachers who would like to teach a yoga-based addiction recovery program.

The Healthy Breast Program

The Healthy Breast Program developed by Sat Dharam, N.D. and the Mammalive Foundation for Women's Health and Education, provides a naturopathic, nutritional and yogic protocol for preventing and helping woman recover from breast cancer that can be used in conjunction with conventional diagnostics and treatment options. This program is designed to educate and provide support for survivors, thrivers and women interested in maintaining the health of their breasts.

Winter Solstice $50 Discount Code

When registering for 3HO Winter Solstice 2016 please check mark that you are an IKYTA member. You can fill in the discount code in the field labeled 'Enter IKYTA Code'.

Conscious Pregnancy Instructor Training

Lead Trainer: Tarn Taran Kaur Khalsa
Dates: March 15-20th, April 25-May1st, 2016 
Location: Vancouver, BC Canada

Emotional Liberation

Emotional Liberation: Master the Senses of the Soul
Starts Feb 3, 2016

SuperHealth Weekend Immersion!

SuperHealth Immersion taught by Mukta Kaur

Friday 1/22/16 - 6-7:30 pm
Saturday 1/23 - 9am-5 pm
Sunday 1/24 - 9 am-4 pm