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Membership Benefits

As an IKYTA Member you are making a commitment to your own excellence, while at the same time contributing in a collective way to spreading the teachings of Kundalini Yoga.


Global Presence: Number one request is to help get Kundalini Yoga on the world stage. We are dedicated and committed to being the leaders of this initiative in collaboration with the worldwide community of Kundalini Yoga teachers. We plan to do this by hosting Kundalini Yoga Summits, having a presence at national yoga events, being the leaders in Yoga News, marketing in national publications and continuous smaller initiatives throughout the year.

Networking: IKYTA provides opportunities for Teacher networking opportunities through the Teacher Conferences offered around the world. Currently the conferences are held annually in New Mexico, Florida, France, and Chile. Soon to be offered in California and New York.

Promotional Directory: Global Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Event Directory with detailed profile options. Search by country, city, teacher, class, or speciality.

Business Resources: Currently we offer Marketing brochures on Kundalini Yoga, Postcard templates to use for new students, logos, posters, liability form template, and soon to come business card templates.

Yoga Center Support: An 11 part video series that supports the building of community and your business.

Continuing Education: CEU events, classes and webinars to fulfill your 30 hours of CEUs every 3 years.

Specialized Training: Opportunities to study and teach on topics such as Pregnancy Yoga, Yoga for Chronic Illness, Children’s Yoga, etc.

Teaching Tools: A dozen teaching curriculums with more added monthly. Soon to come “how-to” videos for teachers and studio owners.

Webinars: To enhance teacher’s skills for working with different populations such as people with addictions, PTSD for veterans, Yoga for those suffering from anxiety and depression, yoga for children, the business of yoga and many others.

Discounts: on products that support your teaching and business and events including summer and winter solstice (see below for discount opportunities and codes)

Coaching: Give or receive 6 months of coaching for you as a teacher and/or studio owner.

Global Associations: We support all Kundalini Yoga Associations all over the world through the Teacher’s Directory, Events search, and links to each association.

Discount Events

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3HO Winter Solstice Sadhana 2014 December 16-23. IKYTA members receive a $50 discount on this event.
Origins of Gurbani Kirtan

There are 2 groups for this webinar both start September 16th
USA start time is 8PM New York Time
European start time is 2pm New York time (same as 8pm Hamburg time)
Please indicate which group you are signing up for.

Machu Picchu Yogic Adventure
10% discount for IKYTA members
Beyond the Basics - 12 hour weekend immersion

This weekend course will explore pranayam, asana, mantra, meditation and yogic lifestyle. Expert teachers GuruPrem Singh (Posture Master), Simran Kaur and Amrit Singh will facilitate and teach. This course is designed for those who have not yet attended Level 1 Teacher Training, or for teachers who would like to go back to the basics, refresh their knowledge, approach these topics from the beginner's mind again, and have a great community experience. 

Course cost for IKYTA members: $125 ($100 savings).

Childplay Yoga Teacher Training

Become a children's yoga teacher! Come to Chicago for Childplay Yoga--an in-depth 20-hour training program created by Gurudass Kaur for anyone interested in offering creative, fun and empowering yoga-oriented classes for children aged 3-12, teens and adults. You will learn how to: a) mix and match many different components to create dynamic and sensitive children's yoga classes, b) set up a children's yoga class to insure its success and c) inspire and hold children's interest while having lots of fun!

Sat Nam Fest

Unplug from the ordinary and tune into your Sat Nam at this incredible gathering of Yogis, Healers and Seekers from all over the world. Join Gurmukh, Snatam Kaur, Mirabai Ceiba and many more incredible teachers and musicians. Now offering the Yogic Lifestyle Series featuring workshops on Ayurveda, Sadhana, Mala Meditation and more! Located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Pennsylvania just 90 minutes from Washington, DC and Baltimore.

Level 2 Conscious Communication

The discipline of Conscious Communication qualifies you to speak each word one-pointedly, faithfully, courageously, directly and simply! And, during your 7 days at the beautiful Copamarina Resort in Puerto Rico you will learn to speak meditatively and intuitively--not just to talk!

Level 2 'The Mind & Meditation'

Join KRI's Director of Training in Chicago this fall at Kundalini Yoga in the Loop (KYL) for the Level 2 course, 'The Mind & Meditation.' You will: focus and elaborate on your relationship to your own mind, learn the structure of the mind as described in 'The Mind' book and increase your ability to observe neutrally; to clear your mind of all distractions.