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Gurudakshina: The Importance of Making a Donation

“Gurudakshina is a way to prosperity, power of self-reliance, and confidence of every molecule of your being. It is not only very, very spiritual; it is God-like in giving. Though God gives us everything, when we give that much in His Name to our higher self, it is called Gurudakshina. It doesn’t belong to a man; it belongs to a true Teacher. This is the kriya which makes a teacher a Teacher.”


Yogi Bhajan has told us that the life of a Teacher is the last incarnation on this planet, and that by becoming a Teacher, we can be liberated. As Teachers our job is to present the science of Kundalini Yoga accurately, and convey the spirit of excellence and giving that our Teacher, Yogi Bhajan, exemplifies. The very essence of his giving nature is what has inspired, uplifted, poked, provoked, confronted and elevated us!

Giving Gurudakshina is an expression of gratitude for our Teacher, for the technology we have been blessed with, and for the privilege we share of being teachers of Kundalini Yoga. We prosper by giving back a portion of our income from all classes based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan such Kundalini Yoga, Pre-Natal Yoga, Numerology, and Rebirthing.  Read an article by Guruka Singh Khalsa about the The Grace and Space of Gurudakshina.

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