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Coaching for New Teachers Program

3HO International Kundalini Yoga Teacher Association
and Global Teachers Council

*IKYTA thanks all of our pioneer Coaches and new Teachers participating in our inaugural launch of the Coaching New Teachers! Our first Coaching session has begun and new applications for becoming a Coach and receiving coaching are now being received for our next session, beginning midyear. 


Coaching New Teachers is an IKYTA membership benefit program offered to support the continued growth and enhancement of newly certified Level 1 teachers. According to individual areas of need, coaching will offer focused support, tools and resources from a selection of coaching themes. Experienced and committed teachers will offer coaching to new teachers for a six-month period during the two year window that follows their Level 1 certification. For teachers who were certified in prior years, a two year grandfathering window will be open, following program launch. 

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To Recieve Coaching

Apply to Recieve Coaching Here 


To Become A Coach

1) Submit Your Application

2) Complete the Training

3) Complete the Test for Coaches 




“Thank you so very much for this program. While I love my teacher here in Manila, it is nice to have a different perspective as well. Additionally, it allows for the KY community to connect on a global scale and to create new relationships within our community.”


“I am on the receiving end of this wonderful mentoring program.  We've had one phone session that has been very helpful and inspirational. Thank you for your service.”


“Thank you for holding this space for all of us. It is a wonderful opportunity.”


Coaching Tools:

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