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The Self-Sensory Human Curriculum Guide

Self-Sensory Human Cover

Compiled by M.S.S. Guruka Singh Khalsa

The Self-Sensory Human brings together in one manual the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan on the transformation of the Piscean human being into The Self-Sensory Human of the Aquarian Age. Included are:  

  • Sample outlines for either a four-week course or a one-day workshop;
  • Excerpts from Yogi Bhajan lectures on the Piscean and Aquarian Ages;
  • Three Kriyas for the Aquarian Age;
  • Principles of Aquarian communication;
  • KRI Director of Training Gurucharan Singh Khalsa’s article on “Intuition and the Sensory Human”; and
  • Over a dozen meditations to help bring us into the Aquarian Age.