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IKYTA Webinar on Mantra : May 2013

                                                   -- YOGI BHAJAN



The power of human language, speech and mantra is the most sophisticated art form of all times and places.  In the language of yoga, this power is call Vak Siddhi ("the Power of Voice"). You can Google this.  Nanak said that all wisdom in the universe can be found in the five primal sounds of SA-TA-NA-MA ("Sat Nam").  So if we ask, "What makes mantra effective?" - the answer is in the unique rhythm, projection and pronunciation by which it is expressed.  And Yogi Bhajan also stated that, "Mantras give mental frequencies that enable us to feel we have been born innocent.”  


Here are five guiding insights for exploring the experience of Mantra within yourself, and for delivering this practice to your students.

  • Meaning:  It is important to understand the meaning, intention and effect of every mantra you use. 
  • Rhythm:  Most Kundalini Yoga mantras are chanted in 8 beats, though some are in 6 beats or other rhythmic patterns.  We will experience chanting with precise rhythm.
  • Projection: Using Yogi Bhajan’s words in English, we will recite and chant these together, to discover the power of the navel to project our essential Human Self.
  • Pronunciation:  We will practice several Aquarian Sadhana mantras to experience where each sound is located in the mouth, and to experience the effects of the pressure of the tongue on the various meridian points.
  • Delivery to your Students:  We will discuss ways to teach mantras to beginners: creating comfort and safety, addressing inhibitions about their voices, dispelling misperceptions of ‘tone-deafness’, chanting Sikh mantras, etc.
The practice of mantra can unlock your capacity to meet the challenges of the Aquarian Age.  Our intention is to provide you with a clear experience of how a mantra can elevate a student practitioner into self-esteem.
Watch the recording of the Webinar Here.  In Six Parts
Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

Part Five:

Part Six:

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