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Asheville’s Kundalini Community

Sat Nam from the mountains of Western North Carolina. These mountains have been known to provide space for those looking to awaken and uncover the treasures of themselves within a community body, buried at times by the busy-ness of our lives and ego.  Our community within community nurtures that need. 

The seed of inspiration behind our Kundalini community are the teachings of Yogi Bhajan himself.  Over 18 years ago Yogi Bhajan directly encouraged Sierra Hollister, a dedicated student at the time, to leave Ahimsa Ashram near Washington DC to teach Kundalini yoga in this small North Carolina town. Neither she nor Yogiji had ever visited Asheville, but with love and in service of his vision for her, Sierra journeyed to the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains and landed at the only yoga studio in town in 1995 (Lighten Up Yoga).  Like the growth of the city since that time, the process was unifying within Yogiji’s vision to spread his wisdom and inspire others to flourish, “I have come to create Teachers, not to gather disciples.” Many teachers have come, attracted in much the same way, sharing their light within the light– the Golden Chain.   

The spirit of Kundalini began to move and grow. As the pebble hits the water, the concentric rings have expanded now into 14 venues within a 30-mile radius of Asheville, NC.  Those venues include: studios, community centers, detention centers, healing and recovery centers, our local Y, and private residences. The traditional classes and workshops offered by the 10 local teachers (KRI Levels I and II) are offered every day of the week.  Many students and seekers who become aware of our Community from other locations come to Asheville solely for the Kundalini experience.

In addition to the regular class schedules, there are monthly gong baths and regular Aquarian Sadhana offered at various locations.  Weekly there is an offering of Yogi Bhajan DVD lectures.  There are also recurring 40-day group meditations.  We gather for fun potluck functions as community members open their homes and hearts to students and teachers alike. Here we nourish ourselves with food, music, laughter, and meditation. Community members have come together to form Chaitanya, a local Kirtan group, that performs regularly at various locations in the Asheville area and throughout the southeast.

We share our intention broadly and host many events throughout the year. 

A taste of what’s to come…

We welcome Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa at Black Mountain Yoga (116 Montreat Rd., Black Mountain, NC 28711) on November 19, 2013. 

Together the Pritpals from Espanola, NM and Keval Kaur Khalsa from Durham, NC will be facilitating the KRI Level I training, beginning in February 2014 (This will be a 9-month training, with one 3-day weekend per month.)

Our 5th Annual “Align With the Divine” 3-day retreat, will be held May 23-25th, 2014 at the Prama Institute in Marshall, NC – Teachers from the southeast come to share a variety of experiences based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan

For a complete list of upcoming events, schedules and more information on our Community, please visit our Web site:  You may also find us on Facebook at

With Light and Love, Your Asheville Kundalini Yoga Community